January 2019: Staying Consistent

It is no surprise to me that we recently had our biggest class to date with 17 ESBJJ OG's earlier this month. 

If BJJ is a goal, learn to stay consistent. It is easy to have enthusiasm for fitness and self betterment in January during resolution-season. However, much of the beauty of martial arts is in the journey. As they say, if you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

January also brought lots of new friends to ESBJJ.  Jesse, Luke, Chaz & Leo - welcome to ESBJJ.


Little Dragons - Now 3x / Week 

Our children's program for ages 6-12 is growing as well! I'm so pleased that such a great group of parents has entrusted ESBJJ with helping to create young martial artists.

Children's classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30p - 6:30p and Saturday mornings from 10a - 11a. As always, the first class is free to try. 


Youtube Jitsu: Reviewing the arm drag.

One of my favorite things about the arm drag is its versatility. It can be used standing as a wrestling move, or on the ground to set up submissions. It is truly a move that bridges the gap between wrestling and jiu jitsu. Here is a quick variation of the arm drag from one of my favorite resources, Cary Kolat. 

Zain Retherfordis also slick with the arm-drag. Notice how he harnesses the spinning momentum of the footwork to drag his opponent to the ground. There are also severalBJJ applicationsof this move.

See something you like on YouTube? Just let me know - we can try to work it in. 


Reminder: 6 am classes Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Below 👇: not our graphic but I felt it captured the essence of training at 6am so I went with it.

With 3-5 average attendees, our morning classes are a great way to get training out of the way for the day and to get more individual attention and trouble shooting for your technique.


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Holiday Schedule, Morning Classes, and More

Happy Holidays - No Class Today!!! 

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating. I hope you are all able to spend time with your loved ones. 

For me, the real gifts brought by the season are the opportunity to spend time with family and to look ahead - and set goals - for the new year. 

We resume our regular schedule with class tomorrow. We are open on New Year’s Day. 

Snow White-belt battles the evil queen. 

Snow White-belt battles the evil queen. 

Adding 6am Classes - Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in 2019. 

I’m proud to announce ESBJJ will be adding early morning classes on Tuesdays (gi) and Thursday’s (no gi) starting January 3rd,  2019. These classes are a great way to free up your evenings or double up on BJJ for the day. 

Congratulations to all who earned their stripes in 2018. 

Kelvin, Bobby & Darren earn their first stripe.

Kelvin, Bobby & Darren earn their first stripe.

As a reminder, the first stripe is awarded upon demonstration of mastery of the beginners study guide. I am available after class if you need help on any of the moves. 

Need a study guide? Just send me a message. YouTube walkthrough coming shortly. 

- Gibran 

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Fall is Here, but Don't Fall Off

Fall is Here, but Don't Fall Off

With fall in full force, it is easy to lose sight of training. After all, it will get colder and darker earlier, family activities and the holidays will become priorities, and the flu will force many of us to take at least a week off.

I totally get it. Even I have been decorating the fireplace and looking forward to some lazy evenings.  

And there is always the time-tested excuse of "I'll hit it strong next year." 

As they say, tomorrow is the devil’s favorite day. 

The best time to start your 2019 resolutions is now. Why wait? Personally, reading more was a 2018 priority that I simply failed on. Instead of waiting for next year to come around I am going to begin to make it an active priority for 2019 starting now. 

If continuing on your BJJ journey is a priority for you, I encourage you to make the most of the end of the year.

Keep reading for announcements, recommendations and other useful stuff...

Kids Program is up and Running!


Our "Little Dragons’" program offers an introduction to BJJ for children ages 6 - 12 for only $50 / month. No sign-up fees or contracts.

Classes are Saturday mornings at 10a. If you are a parent and wondering if BJJ is right for your child, this is the right time to find out. Learning together and helping to teach your young child is wonderful bonding.

ESBJJ Recommended:


Pick up a pair of simple sandals (brand not important). They make it easy to get on and off the mat, slip in and out of training gear, and facilitate your training overall. There is a reason you see so many brown and black belts cruising around in flip flops. These particular sandlas might go nicely with an ESBJJ trucker hat, but I could be biased. 

Quick Review - Last week we went over the knee-tap takedown from an upright underhook. Here is a quick breakdown from one of my favorite resources, BJJ scout. 

Speaking of review, you can download the beginner's study guide here. Any questions? Just pull me aside - you know where to find me :)

A Quick Reminder


Please Leave a Review for ESBJJ -  Our greatest marketing asset is our students and allies. If you've not already done so, please take a minute to review ESBJJ on FacebookGoogle Business, and Yelp

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