#47 - Randy Spence & Mikey Hothi

Randy Spence is the head instructor at Nick Diaz Academy in Stockton, CA. Mikey Hothi is a Brown Belt at the Nick Diaz Academy. Join us as we talk about Randy's journey in BJJ and MMA, training with the infamous #Stockton duo the DIAZ BROTHERS and much more!


3:50 - In the early 2000’s, if you started Jiu Jitsu, it's because you wanted to fight. 
7:30 - Gym wars & the knuckleheads who just want to bang

10:00 - Refining the training protocol for MMA over time

21:15 - Do you practice with boxing shoes on?
32:03 - You bring your gi, shorts and gloves every day, so your just ready for whatever has to happen.

37:00 - Shoutout to Dave Terrell 

42:12 - Not everyone who tries MMA makes it…that’s part of what makes it so special 
46:56 - Days attended vs. hours on the engine

54:10 - I understand what Jiu Jitsu is now

1:06:19 - If your a blue belt your a blue belt, but you have to prove it and show your up to the standard
1:10:43 - Leg locks 

1:14:10 - Nick & Nate - what’s next?

1:18:50 - The guys you haven’t heard of 

Also available on iTunes 👉 https://tinyurl.com/yarvrmhh

Gibran Maciel
#46 - Mitchell Torres

Mitchell Torres is a purple belt under Cassio Werneck Jiu Jitsu, and host of the Combat Conversation podcast.


3:56 - My brother wrestled and my dad would put the gloves on me 
8:15 - Shout out to Jason Roberts 
10:00 - Talking about the students at ESBJJ 

21:49 - White belts rolling with white belts 

37:16 - That time Gibran tried to paint his car

41:00 - Mitchell attempts to hold down an office job

46:30 - Ryan Johnson 

52:30 - Its hard to get off the couch
56:30 - We're different types of real

1:03:00 - MC Mitchell 

1:08:00 - Shout out to the Maxwells

1:17:08 - Afraid to push yourself 

Wrapping up...

Gibran Maciel
#45 - Kolo Vida

LJJ returns with 🔥Kolo Vida🔥, a black belt of the Ralph Gracie San Francisco lineage, and owner of the newly established, Buena Vida Jiu Jitsu club. Join us as we talk about Kolo's BJJ journey, training with legends like Ralph Gracie, competition, and opening up his own academy.

Gibran Maciel
Life, and Jiu Jitsu # 44 - Terry Maxwell, Davin Maxwell

Terry Maxwell is an American black belt under Cassio Werneck in Sacramento, California. He is widely credited for fostering the development of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Northern California, opening one of the first academies in the region - sacbjj.com .

Davin Maxwell is a world class black belt under his father Terry. He is currently cutting weight for his upcoming bout in Fight 2 Win bout in Sacramento on January 11th, 2019.


0:16 - Nayjo Burnett & health issues. It’s serious - BJJ community please help. Link to gofundme: 👉 https://tinyurl.com/ydefcuve
1:00 - Davin’s weight cut 🤕
5:00 - Living in the hood 🔫
13:41 - When couples train together💑
17:50 - Making money as a BJJ competitor 💰
28:00 - “Lots of people have it in them to fight….but not to pay” The difficulties of making money from an MMA gym. 💰
49:00 - Rolling with Eliot Kelly 🦍
55:00 - IBJJF has been in an extractive mode for too long. 💸
1:05:00 - The culture of wrestling 🤼‍♂️
1:11:13 - The pussification of BJJ 🐈
1:24:00 - Our top 3 BJJ players
1:30:00 - Ralph Gracie should probably go to jail for a little bit (if convicted of assault)
1:36:00 - The ultimate Dojo Storm ⚡🌩️🌩️🌩️

Brought to you by Cielo Acai Cafe in Roseville. Follow them on IG 👉 https://tinyurl.com/y8ppqjag

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#43 - Carl Gonsolin & Pedro Silva

Carl Gonsolin and Pedro Silva join LJJ for a LIVE show. We talk about their journey in Jiu Jitsu, getting their Black Belts, and the friendship they have built over the years. We also take some call-in questions and talk about what is next for each of us.



3:38 - The leg lock hall pass

13:30 - Different players need different supplemental training

23:00 - Avoiding burnout

37:00 - If you could go back in your journey would you have done something differently?

48:00 - Managing Setbacks

53:30 - Don't be afraid to roll hard once in a while

58:00 - Did you know you were getting promoted?

1:18:00 - Shoutout to Mikey Hothi

1:24:00 -Wrapping up

Gibran MacielComment
#42 - Yeppie Tomasian

Yeppie Tomasian, an Armenian-American brown belt fighting out of Inside BJJ Academy in Lodi, CA. Shownotes


4:34 - BJJ affiliation drama

8:00 - Changing the culture of grappling and how it is taught

12:00 - Talking about the new studio & Setup

18:00 - Recapping Yeppie’s latest victory at Submission Pro Tour 

23:00 - Being a hypochondriac 

32:00 - Mike Mallot (Team Alpha Male striking & Grappling Coach)

45:00 - Ruder-less Ships (whose care are you under?)

1:00:00 - How Yeppie got started in Jitsu & MMA

1:09:00 - What is “curriculum” for BJJ?

1:17:00 - Humans way of playing 

1:24:00 - Addicted to the dopamine (MMA)

1:28:00 - CTE

1:30:00 - How Yeppie gets ready for competition

1:35:00 - Shoutout to Gambit Soap Co. 

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#41 - Amir Kazemi

Amir Kazemi is a professional MMA fighter out of Team Alpha Male and a purple belt in BJJ. This episode is more Life than Jiu Jitsu. We talk about coming to America from Iran, the issues between Iranian's and the Saudi's, we look up his old hometown on google maps, talk a little bit of American politics, and discuss how Amir stayed mentally strong to recover from a recent injury.

1:00 - Amir hates when...
5:15 - Can't show Elvis swinging his hips!
12:00 - Conor's fans are the most obnoxious people ever...
38:00 - In the emergency room...twice!
48:00 - Obama wasn't all fun & games
59:00 - Khabib's town used to be part of Iran
1:05:00 - Pulling up Amir's hometown on google maps
1:16:00 - Bulldogs
1:29:00 - Anna Nicole Smith
1:51:00 - I don't think she's trying to help...
2:02:00 - Destabilization, revolution, normalization
2:10:00 - Robbing Amir's grandmother of the family fortune & wrapping up

Gibran MacielComment
#40 - White Belt Panel

We revisit the white belt panel concept with Jeremy Oestrich and Ashwin Arab, two white belts from coach & host Gibran Maciel's academy East Sac BJJ. We talk balancing BJJ with other aspects of life like professional and social obligations, getting started at the age of 44, and next steps to improve.

Also just generally shooting the shit with two of my favorite people.

1:22 - Retention of athletic skills
9:00 -Pinning down the wiley dudes
14:00 - Building the habit at ESBJJ
15:00 - Jason Roberts persevering inside the dressing room
29:00- "Safe zones" in grappling
32:50 - Joy Ann Pendell all over Ashwin with the Arm Triangles
58:00 - Didn't know what to expect
1:02:00 - I don't think anybody rolled into this thinking it would be a pillow fight
1:11:00 - It doesn't matter who you are when you step onto the Jiu Jitsu mat.

Gibran MacielComment
#39 - Mikey Hothi, Quintet 3 & UFC 229

Mikey Hothi is an American Brown Belt under Gracie Fighter gym in Lodi, CA where he trains with Nick & Nate Diaz. We discuss Quintet 3, UFC 229 and talk about jits.


2:00 - Talking Quintet 3
4:30 - Faber x Saku
11:00 - Consolidating brackets, NAGA vs. IBJJF & other tournaments
20:00 - UFC 229
28:00 - The Diaz brothers know their worth
33:00 - Conor cooking Dana
37:00 - Pettis X Ferguson
42:00 - Becoming more selective about who you train with
44:30 - Your community service to Jiu Jitsu
52:00 - Combat Jiu Jitsu

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Life, and Jiu Jitsu #38 - Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop is an Australian Anesthesiologist on loan to UC Davis Medical Center and a blue belt at Team Alpha Male. We discuss how Australian doctors are trained to respond to emergencies in the outback, talk about his journey in Jiu-Jitsu, and discuss best practices for training, nutrition, recovery, and overall health from a medical and scientific perspective.


1:30 - Recognizing other Jitsu players by their ears
3:30 - The building blocks of success for health & athletics
7:00 - Apple watch EKG does it work?
12:30 - The indoor cycle racing scene in Australia
25:00 - Pre-hospital rescue work in Australia
39:30 - Strength training
42:00 - Strong but slow
48:00 - Lifting after Jits?
50:00 - Creatine
59:00 - Nutrition, intermittent fasting, keto, calories in v. out, carbs, etc.
1:06:00 - The effect of sugars & intermittent fasting on Cancer
1:10:00 - Wine with dinner every night, a problem?
1:18:00- Ice & cryo might be bullshit after all. Heat is the new thing.
1:23:00 - Head trauma
1:27:00 - Khabib / Conor predictions & wrapping up

Gibran MacielComment
Life, and Jiu Jitsu #37 - Michael Quigley

Michael Quigley is an American Brown Belt & the owner of Nova Geração Davis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.


1:00 - Brown Belt Gym Owners
2:00 - BARUM JIU-JITSU & BJJ Revolution Team Pacific Beach / Rodrigo Medeiros BJJ
21:00 - David Mitchell
34:00 - Michael’s never been smashed
41:00 - Teaching Muay Thai
54:00 -Getting old
1:00:00 - Traveling
1:14:00 - developing students

Brought to you by Sacramento Sport Psychology. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email lifeandjiujitsu@gmail.com

Life, and Jiu Jitsu #36 - The Purple Belt Panel

The Purple Belt Panel with Anthony Mercado, Alysia Michal Ortega & Yeppie Tomasian. We discuss why they started training BJJ, next steps in their development, BJJ for women, for self defense, the state of "flow" and what they need to do to improve their game.

This episode is brought to you by Sacramento Sport Psychology Interested in becoming a sponsor? Inbox for details.


2:00 - Where do you all train at?
6:30 - Yards by Yeppie & Licensing
12:00 - What got you all in to BJJ?
20:00 - Learning in a garage from a blue belt
24:00 - Jamie Jara & Carnage MMA
35:00 - When did you know or feel like a purple belt?
42:00 - Still effective vs. most effective
44:00 - 90 Seconds to before someone helps you
50:00 - Women's BJJ classes
1:00:00 - Flow
1:08:00 - Improvising
1:21:00 - Big for an eight year old
1:29:00 - Fanny Packs & wrapping up

Gibran MacielComment
Life, and Jiu Jitsu Episode #35 - Joy Ann Pendell

Joy Ann Pendell is a commercial queen-bee breeder. The Pendell Apiaries commercial operation - and her family ranch - was recently threatened by the Mendocino Complex Fires, which they were thankfully spared from. Despite mandatory evacuation orders, Joy dodged the barricades and went towards the smoke and fire to defend her homestead. She is a also a world-class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor from Team Alpha Male, having recently won her purple belt debut on the professional Fight 2 Win stage.


6:00 - I didn't realize how close the fire was to us
9:00 - The 2012 Mill Fire saved us
15:00 - I'm not sure that my parents would call it quits
26:00 - Regulations making it difficult to clean out dead biomass
40:00 - Jiu jitsu does work. It works for lighter people, smaller people, it works for women. Joy makes it a point not to go light and show people its effectiveness.
49:00 - Upcoming competitions for Joy
1:00:00 - Discussing the competitive scene around BJJ

Gibran MacielComment